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Trademark Poker Casino Grade Pai Gow Cup – Gold – Chinese Dominoes

TMK2012: Features: -Casino grade pai gow cup – gold – Chinese dominoes.-Same great quality found in casinos.-Casinos pay upwards of $ 99 per …
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Break Poker = Mahjong. Pai Gow? Holdem? 3 Card Poker? at The Orleans, Gold Coast, Las Vegas

Break Poker uses 5 of the 7 cards to set a hand. The object of the game is to use 5 of the 7 cards and make a Lucky Break: a 2-card low hand, consisting of a pair, and a 3-card high hand, consisting of a straight or three-of-a-kind (Trips). The Joker can be used in a Straight, Trips, or as an Ace. Any Lucky Break hand outranks any non-Lucky Break hand. Dealer’s Lucky Break vs. Player’s Lucky Break, or Dealer’s non-Lucky Break vs. Player’s non-Lucky Break. Player wins 1 to 1, if the player’s high hand beats the dealer’s high hand and the player’s low hand beats the dealer’s low hand.  Player pushes when either his low hand or high hand wins and the other one loses against the dealer’s low hand or high hand.  Player loses when the dealer’s high hand beats the player’s high hand and the dealer’s low hand beats the player’s low hand. Note that dealer wins hands with equal ranking (ie”copy”). . If a 5 card Lucky Break cannot be obtained, the player’s three-card high hand must outrank his two-card low hand. Card value combinations ranked from highest to lowest are: Three-of-a-Kind, Straight, Pairs and High Card Values. No flush.

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